Week #6 Digital Journal Assignment

This is my first set of uppercase letterforms for the typeface that I will be designing. All are different styles but the ones I tend to be gravitating towards most are the middle two which are a Blackletter typeface and a Modern serif typeface. For the blackletter I took inspiration from existing blackletter forms and decided to come up with my own original idea. There is a great deal of contrast between the thick and very light strokes and I wanted to give it a somewhat hand drawn look and designing that may be unique to the typeface.

Second is the modern serif which takes inspiration from typefaces like Bodoni and Didot. I gave it very thick strokes which also have a strong contrast between the think strokes which I feel truly makes it stand out to the eye.
As to which one I will be taking further I am still somewhat undecided on but I like the potential of the blackletter because of its unique forms.


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