Week #5: Digital Journal Assignment

Forza by Hoefler & Frere-Jones is an interesting modern typeface with a very sleek look.

Press Gothic by Canada Type reminds me of newspaper headlines and has a very bold look to it.

Reitag by Ludovic Riffault, is a very modern looking typeface with very interesting curves and lines.

Neutraface by House Industries is interesting due to certain letters gravitating towards the base.

White Font designed by Randi Verges is unique because most of the letters in the typface are made up of the same vertical strokes.

Leather by Canada Type uses the grid which is unique for a black letter typeface.

Die Null by Eric Carlson is a black letter typeface which has an organic hand drawn look. It is also a hand set typeface.

Damage from T.26 has a distressed look which suggests decay and deterioration.

Metal Face by Eric Carlson is reminiscent of the the hand lettering style seen on the album covers of extreme heavy metal bands.

Strange Love designed by FaceType is named after the humorous film and has an over the top look done in a hand drawn style.


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