Week 6 Journal Assignment: The Name Game

The name I’m currently considering for my typeface is “Jazz Age” because it is reminiscent of the 1920′s and the modern serif’s that were popular during that period. Advertisements

Project 4: Digital Typeface Design | 26 UPPERCASE letterforms

Week #6 Digital Journal Assignment

This is my first set of uppercase letterforms for the typeface that I will be designing. All are different styles but the ones I tend to be gravitating towards most are the middle two which are a Blackletter typeface and a Modern serif typeface. For the blackletter I took inspiration from existing blackletter forms and … Continue reading

Week #5: Digital Journal Assignment

Forza by Hoefler & Frere-Jones is an interesting modern typeface with a very sleek look. Press Gothic by Canada Type reminds me of newspaper headlines and has a very bold look to it. Reitag by Ludovic Riffault, is a very modern looking typeface with very interesting curves and lines. Neutraface by House Industries is interesting … Continue reading